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Lily has had a relatively minor but worrisome intestinal bleeding issue that since August two vets have not been able to diagnose…  your company since is one of 5 replacement brands we tried for her and is the only one she would even take beyond the sniff test, and she has fallen completely in love with it!

I’m so glad your product made it’s way up to Pet Food Express at the just right time for us. It’s a great store and a wonderful resource to the community so you’re in a good spot here. I’ve let them know how much Lily loves it, especially the chicken (I bought one tester can 2 1/2 weeks ago and was back the next morning to clear the shelf) and am hoping the brand will be popular here so we can continue having access to it. Lily’s an unbelievably sweet, gentle cat who had a long, rough life of abuse and abandonment before my husband and I befriended her outside and decided we had to give her a safe, loving home inside with us, so we love it when she’s happy!


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