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Kiwi Kitchens Saving Lives

We approached a customer who was grabbing a bunch of Kiwi Kitchens and he could not stop raving about how amazing the food is! He has a 4 year old Maine Coon who he rescued from a woman who could not care for him anymore. The cat was primarily on Meow Mix dry and wetfood for most of his life before going to his new home. After acquiring the cat, the customer found that he had a lot of digestive issues and after going to the vet, was diagnosed with IBS. They started 3 different types of medication, stopped eating and was even told by 3 different vets that the cat needed to be put to sleep because he had a lot of issues and went from 30lbs down to 7.5lbs. The customer decided to seek a 4th vet’s opinion and they said that they could help! When the customer came in to find some new food to try to get his cat to eat, Adam recommended he try kiwi Kitchen! It has now been 1 month since the customer’s cat has tried Kiwi and he is back up to his normal weight! Our customer loves Kiwi Kitchens so much and has attributed this brand to saving his cat’s life! Such a heartfelt story to share!

Pet Food Express Pleasant Hill, California 3014

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