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Happy Honey

My lovely friends Brian & Maria gave me your email – I was the lucky auction winner of your dog food pack at the Redcliffs School Bingo night.

I wanted to send you a huge thanks – firstly for your amazing generosity (a whole tray of salmon 🤩) and secondly for swapping out the red meat products (doggy reflux has been in our world for many years).

Last year I found a lump on my darling Honey’s rear end which was diagnosed as an aggressive T3 lymphoma, 3-4 months to live. With prednisone and lots of love she is still plodding along almost 11 months later. The drugs have slowed the cancer but the physical side effects of them made themselves known very quickly (dull coat, teeth falling out, constant weight gain/bloat and a little nose that looks & feels like a blob of dry asphalt).

I am so delighted to tell you that after one week of salmon and fish treats I noticed her little nose was ACTUALLY WET! Hubby and I are blown away, I can only imagine the good that Kiwi Kitchen is doing on the inside!

So, thank you again, for your incredible kindness and incredible products. I have attached a pic of my baby for you, long may she defy the odds! ❤️

Kind regards,


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