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My lovely friends Brian & Maria gave me your email – I was the lucky auction winner of your dog food pack at the Redcliffs School Bingo night.

I wanted to send you a huge thanks – firstly for your amazing generosity (a whole tray of salmon 🤩) and secondly for swapping out the red meat products (doggy reflux has been in our world for many years).

Last year I found a lump on my darling Honey’s rear end which was diagnosed as an aggressive T3 lymphoma, 3-4 months to live. With prednisone and lots of love she is still plodding along almost 11 months later. The drugs have slowed the cancer but the physical side effects of them made themselves known very quickly (dull coat, teeth falling out, constant weight gain/bloat and a little nose that looks & feels like a blob of dry asphalt).

I am so delighted to tell you that after one week of salmon and fish treats I noticed her little nose was ACTUALLY WET! Hubby and I are blown away, I can only imagine the good that Kiwi Kitchen is doing on the inside!

So, thank you again, for your incredible kindness and incredible products. I have attached a pic of my baby for you, long may she defy the odds! ❤️

Kind regards,


Dear Kiwi Kitchens,

We would like to get in contact with anyone in your customer service department. We live in Northern California, USA and have been having an issue with making phone calls outside the country. We have a 14 year old Labrador named Pepper. Since early September of last year (2017), our precious girl’s health was not very promising, after numerous visits to the vet, lots of tests, lots of medications, changing her diet to home cooked meals and other dog food brands her health continued to decline. By Christmas time, our girl was beyond tired and was starting to rapidly decline, she would sleep all day and kept losing weight, by that time our hearts were broken, we thought that our time to say goodbye was near. On December 26th, my husband decided to visit our local Pet Food Express, one of their associates introduced him to your food, he decided to buy a few cans of your Fish Dinner. As soon as he returned home, we served Pepper a few tablespoons on a dish, she ate some of it and went back to sleep. To our surprise, about an hour later she walked herself to the kitchen looking for the rest of the food, this was a moment none of us would forget, she had not done that in months. The only way we can describe your food is as “Pepper’s Miracle food”. We can say that Pepper has done a complete 360 on us. This girl no longer takes prescription medication for her arthritis, no longer wears a diaper, she goes up and down stairs, is having normal stools, has the most beautiful coat just like when she was a puppy and best of all, she’s back to her routine of waking me up every morning rushing me to feed her. Your food has given our girl an extra chapter to her beautiful life and given us, her family, so much joy and gratitude. Our family includes 2 other doggies, Jack and Boo, they are Old English Bulldogs, they are 5 and 2 years old.

We adopted Pepper when she was 4 months old, our daughter was 3 years old at the time. We had their pictures taken for Pepper’s 1st birthday and last month we decided to do the same for Pepper’s 14th birthday. The photo of her sleeping on her bed is what she basically did the last few months of 2017, the rest of the photos show how much she has improved and how happy she is that she no longer needs a to wear a diaper. She can even sit on her favorite outdoor couch without any help from us and enjoy some sunshine.😊

Thank you,

Alex & Yaizmara Diaz

Pepper before she had Kiwi Kitchens

Pepper celebrating her 14th birthday!

Pepper enjoying the sun on the outdoor sofa, no nappy and happy! Thanks Kiwi Kitchens.

Lily has had a relatively minor but worrisome intestinal bleeding issue that since August two vets have not been able to diagnose…  your company since is one of 5 replacement brands we tried for her and is the only one she would even take beyond the sniff test, and she has fallen completely in love with it!

I’m so glad your product made it’s way up to Pet Food Express at the just right time for us. It’s a great store and a wonderful resource to the community so you’re in a good spot here. I’ve let them know how much Lily loves it, especially the chicken (I bought one tester can 2 1/2 weeks ago and was back the next morning to clear the shelf) and am hoping the brand will be popular here so we can continue having access to it. Lily’s an unbelievably sweet, gentle cat who had a long, rough life of abuse and abandonment before my husband and I befriended her outside and decided we had to give her a safe, loving home inside with us, so we love it when she’s happy!


We approached a customer who was grabbing a bunch of Kiwi Kitchens and he could not stop raving about how amazing the food is! He has a 4 year old Maine Coon who he rescued from a woman who could not care for him anymore. The cat was primarily on Meow Mix dry and wetfood for most of his life before going to his new home. After acquiring the cat, the customer found that he had a lot of digestive issues and after going to the vet, was diagnosed with IBS. They started 3 different types of medication, stopped eating and was even told by 3 different vets that the cat needed to be put to sleep because he had a lot of issues and went from 30lbs down to 7.5lbs. The customer decided to seek a 4th vet’s opinion and they said that they could help! When the customer came in to find some new food to try to get his cat to eat, Adam recommended he try kiwi Kitchen! It has now been 1 month since the customer’s cat has tried Kiwi and he is back up to his normal weight! Our customer loves Kiwi Kitchens so much and has attributed this brand to saving his cat’s life! Such a heartfelt story to share!

Pet Food Express Pleasant Hill, California 3014

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